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John is an excellent instructor and speaker. ….  He not only made the classroom environment fun, but translated the teaching and materials specifically to my job, practical experience, and working environment. John’s teaching style is both dynamic and effective. He does a great job of connecting with his students and simplifying complex terms and methods into memorable analogies and concepts during the knowledge transfer with excellent energy and accuracy. I would recommend John for any opportunity where excellent speaking, content knowledge, delivery, and training experience are a must.”Wes Napier, PMP

John is the best educator I’ve come across in 18 years at Dell and he was instrumental in my obtaining my PMP certification.
He understands project management and has successfully used his content and system for helping many of my colleagues earn their certification.
John connects himself to his students and is able to describe complex processes in a way that makes sense to everyone, whether you are an engineer, project manager or lay person. He makes the content fun and inviting and relates concepts to the work you manage. From an HR/company perspective I think John delivers incredible value. He demonstrates a willingness to adapt and change to meet our needs, is able to present a variety of methods for helping people achieve success and above all he teaches with a sense of pride and purpose. John has very high expectations but he won’t let you fail, if you give 100% John gives 110%.”

Terry King, PMP

John is an excellent educator. I have participated in four separate courses he facilitated and his knowledge and expertise are excellent. He is interesting and engaging as well. Always a pleasure to learn from John.”Tracy Bailey, MPAcc, PMP

I attended at least 5 courses on project management led by John and he is an excellent instructor. Obviously an expert in his field and although he had not worked for the company that I worked for he’d learned enough about the business to be able to use examples that were applicable to the industry I am in.
I will always recommend John to anyone who is interested in project management training and/or certification!”

Jackie Kozlowski, PMP

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