Webex Producer and Webex Host

When we partner together, you will be smarter, better, and funnier in your Webex sessions.

As I write this, I have over 1,230 hours in Webex. I know. That’s a huge chunk of my life, right? I’ve delivered in Webex for years and that’s a conservative estimate. For most of that time, I did not have a host or producer. While delivering very specific, high-energy content, I also drove the Webex technology. Let my scar tissue guarantee that you’ll have a successful sessiin.
Lately I feel like the Ed McMahon of Webex. Speakers who work with me in Webex are free to give their best self to their participants. They don’t have to scroll down and see if anyone’s hand is raised. They don’t have to check every chat comment. They don’t have to troubleshoot technical issues with participants. They can just focus on being who they are and serving their attendees.

When we work together for the first time, a practice session of at least 30 minutes is required. I want to get a feel for how you work, who you are expecting in the session, and what role do you want me to play in the Webex.
Don't let Webex drive you crazy. Let an expert drive the session.
I can:

  • Provide “just enough” Webex training or get you up-to-speed on advanced features
  • Verify you have the proper equipment to have a great session
  • Make you aware of Webex sessions features you may want to use
  • Share tips on promoting your session
  • Login early to troubleshoot
  • Introduce you with high energy
  • Train your participants in the Webex features you will use
  • Activate and deactivate Webex features as needed
  • Monitor chat comments
  • Handle “the ball”, as you want fellow presenters or attendees to share content
  • Gently interrupt you when you have an important question or comment
  • Create and Launch Polls
  • Mute and unmute participants
  • Coordinate you and your participants on video
  • Navigate through your slides
  • Display your video
  • Play a pre-session slideshow to reinforce your content
  • Launch Tests, if you use tests in your Webex.
  • Launch breakout sessions
  • Navigate to breakout sessions and help participants there
  • Point the particpiants to a post-session survey
  • Help with your Call to Action
  • Seed comments on the screen as you ask questions
  • Insert humor
  • Keep your attendees engaged while you reconnect (if you somehow get disconnected from the session)
  • Record the Session for your professional development or to share with your attendees
  • Give you professional feedback prior to, during (through private chat), and after the session.

Do you have enough webinars to warrant a contract with Webex? If so, we will login to “your” Webex. If not, you can use my Webex platform. Webex can be very expensive per session if you are only doing a few sessions per month. Avoid that expense by scheduling an available Webex session with me.

When we partner together, you will be smarter, better, and funnier in your Webex sessions. This is not just a matter of perception. It’s difficult to be spontaneous and funny when you are worried about the technology. What happens if you can focus on bringing your best self to your Webex sessions? Experience less stress, stronger connections, higher sales, and higher scores on your evaluations.

Let your personality shine as you allow an expert to focus on the technology.

Lately I’ve been working with speakers who offer a “Re-Engagement Session” by webinar. Would that be something your clients would be interested in? Would that set you apart from the competition? You can offer it as an add-on service or include it as an additional value to your speaking and training services.

You may have played with Webex and decided it’s not very difficult to use. I agree, it’s not! The thing is, if you are not in Webex regularly you’ll hesitate as you search the menus for features and options. That hesitation will cause a negative “halo effect” in the minds of your participants. I’m in Webex all the time so the features are always fresh in my mind. Let me click for you while you focus on your material and the relationships you are building with your participants.

I am usually in the Atlanta area, in the Eastern timezone in the United States. I have done my fair share of hosting Webex sessions in the middle of the night for participants and speakers in The United Kingdom, in Europe, and in India. If we will be hosting outside of the 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM window (Eastern time), then there will be a 50% additional fee. I’ll still be happy to do it; don’t hesitate to ask.

Call now! Lets talk about your virtual session. (678) 348-0710

“I have enjoyed working with John Gravitt as a Webex host and always feel better off for having his highly professional, proactive and responsive support during sessions. More to the point, our participants benefit from the improved smoothness and otherwise greater richness from having John’s input.”Daniel Stane
The Acumen Company