On In An Instant

In many careers, we can’t afford to have an “off day.” No matter what stress or issues we face, we must bring our best self to each and every customer and team interaction.

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The hard truth is that if your team isn’t bringing their best selves to each moment, it’s costing you repeat business, lack of referrals, and a loss of current customers. If you care about your team, you won’t just send them to “sink or swim.” You hired them for a reason. John Gravitt can help them shine. They’ll feel better – and be better. They’ll thank you for it.

John’s keynote, “On in an Instant” is great for:
• Customer Service Teams
• Trainers
• Sales people
• Brand advocates
• Tradeshow Staff
• Managers
• Event staff

Let John Gravitt show your team how to switch “On In An Instant.” It’s not about wearing a fake smile and being insincere. It’s about reaching deep and bringing your best self when it’s needed.
Whether delivered as a webinar or face-to-face for your team, “On In an Instant” is highly interactive, entertaining, and inspirational.