Group Coaching

In a perfect world, you’d have a Super Engaged MasterMind Group near you full of people who are eager to give as much ast they receive. Our group coaching is virtual; you can target your accelerated success from wherever you are.

Are you ready to embrace coaching to accelerate your success and elevate your life? Are you ready to work towards your targets and support others as they work towards theirs? Group coaching may be a great option.

You will:

  • Work through every single component of the Super Engaged System
  • Establish targets for personal mastery
  • Identify current plateaus and opportunities for improvement
  • Take your results to the next level
  • Discuss Super Moments relevant to your current targets
  • Leverage the perspective of John Gravitt and those in your coaching group
  • Get personal coaching from John as your work through the Super Engaged Success System

Advantages of Coaching Groups

  • You’ll be surrounded by a small group of fully motivated individuals who are also committed to using the Super Engaged System work for you.
  • You’ll benefit from the coaching others in the group receive
  • You’ll be energized from the successes that others in the group share
  • You can experience the power of coaching for a much smaller investment than what would be required for individual coaching


  • We use a video-based tool called Google Hangouts to support us on our journey. This is a free tool offered by Google
  • Coaching groups are held for groups of 3 to 5 people only.
  • The session itself will run from 50 minutes to 90 minutes depending on the size of the group and the topic for the week. Your participation is required throughout the session, not just during the period when we focus on you.
  • You will be asked to sign a confidentiality (non-disclosure) agreement to protect the privacy of each member of the group.
  • With the exception of holidays, we’ll set up a specific day and time that will be your consistent time for each session
  • Sessions will run for for 7 sessions, one for each component of the model and one for setting our targets.
  • At the end of the sessions, your group can decide on whether or not to stay active in your Google+ circles. You can continue to share updates, celebrate each others successes, or even continue video Hangouts.

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