How different would your life be if you knew exactly where to begin to accelerate your success?

The fastest way to accelerate your success is through one-on-one coaching dedicated just for you.

Eva, my lovely wife, and I have combined our coaching practices. This benefits you! When you are one of our coaching clients, you can speak to Eva, to me, and often (if you’d like) to both of us at the same.
 Here are some tidbits about Eva:

  • Eva grew up in 32 countries
  • Eva speaks five languages and she coaches in five language: English, Spanish, French, Italian, and Portugese
  • Eva’s teams closed over $6 billion in sales
  • Eva often traveled to multiple countries within a single week. Her team closed strategic, global initiatives of over $200 million.
  • Eva is an expert in persuasive communication
  • A few people who have benefited from Eva’s coaching expertise: Mark Cuban, George W. Bush, and Margaret Thatcher. I could share more; you wouldn’t believe me if I did.

In Super Engaged, I say that if you improve just one component of the system you’ll improve your results.  Our coaching works to improve every single building block of the system.  By doing so, you’ll have results you never thought possible!

Coaching is an intense process.  It won’t be for everyone.  If it sounds like more than you are willing to invest in your future, look into creating or joining a mastermind group near you.  We’ll support you every way we can as you explore this free or nearly free option.

Not fast enough?  You want breakthrough success right away?

Super Engaged coaching is the fastest way to breakthrough improvement.  Bring your agenda to the coaching sessions or work through sessions focused on each component of the Super Engaged System: Improving your Environment, Changing your Actions, Gaining Focus, Setting Goals, Building Presence, and Targeted Super Results.  In our personalized coaching sessions, you don’t have to get consensus on what the group wants to explore – it’s focused on your individual needs.  Career Development, Relationships, Decisions, Becoming more Effective, Developing Professional Presence- you set the agenda.   Do you have to present to an executive committee or board of directors?  Have us turn up the heat in a series of one-on-one sessions beforehand.  Super Engaged Coaching can be done in person or virtually through video conferencing at no extra charge.

If you read Super Engaged, you know that I am not looking to take anything from you.  The center of my system is giving to others.  I’d like to give you your best futures.  The system works  miracles for me. I am blown away by how rapidly the changes come when you dial-in the rings of engagement and add presence, focused actions (goals), and create momentum to crafting an environment that supports you.

Coaching with John and Eva is done on a retainer basis.  Call now, we have limited availability for coaching clients.  You pay one price for six months of coaching. It is an incredible bargain to have both of us at your disposal for your personal development or to skyrocket your business.

We’ll see you on your journey.

John Gravitt


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