Be Your Best and Achieve Your Dreams survey



Do you bring your best to every aspect of your life? Take this brief survey to see. Look for Be Your Best and Achieve Your Dreams at

Let's see how you score on Be Your Best and Achieve Your Dreams. Each of us is at our best some of the time - and we all can do a better job of bringing our best self to some aspects of our lives. Please complete all 25 questions.

Do you smile naturally and easily?

Are you familiar with using "Pareto Analysis" to choose your most important actions?

Do you have a mentor for your personal or professional development?

Are you comfortable with the amount of clutter in your life?

Do you carefully proofread important memos, emails, and other documents before you send or post them?

Are you familiar with detailed planning (stakeholder analysis, risk analysis, communications planning, listing what’s in scope and and what’s out of scope, etc.)?

Do you invest in technologies, tools, and trainings that make your life easier and more productive?

Have you considered partners and alliances to support your success?

Can you articulate and share your special talents and unique abilities without feeling like you are bragging?

Do you work in an environment where your professional development is encouraged and supported?

Do you monitor KPIs (key performance indicators) to verify that you are on track?

Are you in a "master mind" group that supports you as you move toward your life targets?

Do you regularly benchmark against others without being hypercritical to yourself?

Are you comfortable giving and receiving sincere compliments?

Do you invest in self-care? Do you take the time and energy to take care of yourself by working out, scheduling downtime, reading for pleasure, etc.?

Are you confident that your professional presence conveys your value to colleagues, potential clients, and employers?

Do you have clear, written, long-term goals supported by short-term goals?

Sometimes our ideas or our products are rejected. At times if feels as if we are rejected personally. When rejection occurs, how do you feel?

Do you regularly do a checkup on your appearance for face-to-face interaction? Do you check your breath, teeth, clothes, etc.?

Do your eating habits give you great support nutritionally?

Do you modify your environment so that it provides you better support?

Some people avoid all "extra curricular" activities at work. They avoid office parties, after hours events, and informal socializing opportunities with colleagues.

Do your goals have milestones with deadlines?

Do you get enough sleep to be fresh for every interaction?

Do you use a "vision board" to focus your conscious and unconscious mind on your life targets?

Thank you very much for taking this assessment.



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