Be Your Best and Achieve Your Dreams Mastermind Groups

John loves mastermind groups and there’s a ton of great advice on creating Be Your Best Groups in the book Be Your Best and Achieve Your Dreams. Here is an excerpt:

Starting your “Be Your Best” Mastermind Group

What is a mastermind group?
A mastermind group is a group of like-minded people who are working on common goals by tapping into each other’s strengths and willingness to provide support.  Many of the activities we explore become second nature only with practice.  One of the primary purposes of your mastermind group should be to give each attendee frequent opportunities to practice in a very supporting environment with people who care about their grown and development.

Let’s explore some common questions about getting your Be Your Best group up and running.

How long should my mastermind group meet?

You may find the connections formed in your group are strong enough that you may continue to meet long after you have worked through the program.  Most groups need about six sessions to give each person the opportunity to practice the modules we explore in this program.

If you can, schedule at least an hour for each session. Some of the best connections of your mastermind group will occur during the non-programmed part of the session when people network and build rapport.

I don’t think there are enough people in my area who know what The Be Your Best System is.  How can I find like-minded people?

The best way to find like-minded people is to meet them where they are likely to be found.  Are you a striver?  Are you looking to boost your professional career?  You’ll find that there are others in an industry association who are also looking at improving their prospects.  For example, your local chamber of commerce probably holds at least one meeting a month.  While some are there to simply exchange business cards, others will be open to exploring the techniques of Be Your Best.

What professional networking groups can you plug into?

 I’m focused on human potential and I regularly attend sessions of the American Society of Training and Development, the Society of Human Resource Management, and the National Speakers Association.  There must be something similar for you whether or not you are a marketing manager, a self-employed person, an entrepreneur, a real estate agent, or even a job-seekers group.

You might find success in advertising for your group in Craigslist.  Be very careful how you advertise your group.  Some people may have strange goals in mind for maximizing the moment.  You probably want to have your first session in a public place like a bookstore or café. is a great site for finding like-minded people.  You may start a meetup yourself for around $15 a month or you can attend meetups that attract others who are focused on improving their interactions with others.

Toastmasters is a great group of supportive people who will help you become comfortable speaking in your area.  You will find beginning and advanced groups in most areas and your company may even have a chapter that meets at your place of business.

Do not be disappointed if it is difficult to find others to be in your mastermind group.  It’s not a race to form your group the fastest or to have the biggest group in your area.  Each handshake and smile is an opportunity to maximize the moment.    You are getting plugged into your profession.  That has value in and of itself.  It should be considered a journey, not a destination.

Let us know of your mastermind groups.  We may be able to send people your way when we our in town for a Be Your Best session.  Often, during our Maxim Moments classes, mastermind groups form over lunch bases on interests or geographic proximity.

Now that we have our Mastermind Group, how should we start?

Begin by having each person share who they are and some of their long-term and short-term goals.  These won’t be specific on the first visit, and that’s OK.  Clarity comes faster to some than to others and hearing each new person share sharpens the focus of the speaker and the listener.  Remember, everyone attending may not have building a business as their primary focus. You will meet those who have been enormously successful financially who are bankrupt in their personal relationships.  Let each person share a little introduction and continue to make that a key part of your meetings.  Anytime you have new members to your group, go around the room and have each person share a little bit about themselves, what they are working on, recent challenges, and recent accomplishments.  One of the benefits of starting your meeting this way is that newcomers will not feel isolated.  They will not feel as if they are in the spotlight and are the only ones who have to share their challenges and accomplishments.  Each person who shares gets a chance to celebrate with someone new as they share the last time they were super engaged and what happened as a result.  Those in your mastermind group deepen their bonds as they confirm that these techniques are working in the lives of others on a similar journey.  Remember, we all have different critical moments.  Hearing someone share one of their critical moments helps us all relate to similar moments in our own lives.  It’s really fun to hear when someone has a maximum moment in an area where we may have been “just going through the motions.” We may not have even considered that conversation with the shuttle driver or taxi driver as a critical moment but it could have been a great experience for the person sharing.

What Next?

Once your group is comfortable with each other, try putting someone on “the hot seat.”  Ask them to state aloud what they are working towards- what major desire they wish to put at the center of the system.  Work your way around the room coaching then on their environments, their actions, and their focus.  Have someone record the questions that are asked of them and the suggestions that are given.  When everyone has finished sharing, ask the person on the hot seat which idea they are going to work on first.  Have them report out the results at a future mastermind meeting.

Start your own Be Your Best and Achieve Your Dreams Mastermind Group in your area.  You’ll be amazed at how many people gravitate to the concepts that let you embrace and seek your super results.  Want to work through the program together?  Contact us for deep discounts on the Super Engaged workbooks and videos.  You don’t have to be an expert to start a group.  The videos and workbooks will give you everything you need to for a series of discussions and deep engagements with the techniques that make Super Engaged the best part of your week.

Watch this great video from Napoleon Hill of Think and Grow Rich. This is not a new concept.

Already have a Be Your Best group?  Let us know so we can add your group to our database and we’ll post details of your group.