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Bring your best self to every aspect of your life.


I was trying to get my head together to make some tough decisions and I realized that I’d have much better results by simply increasing my level of engagement. Working on my own personal development with study, prayer, and meditation, I discovered how “they” do it. You know who “they” are- the people who effortlessly attract the circumstances and relationships into their lives that propel them forward with massive achievements.

Far from being an epitome of the Super Engaged, I was the “Master Multi-Tasker” and the “Prince of Pre-occupation.” When I developed the system, I was distracted. I was disconnected from those around me and disengaged from life. I was diverted from my destiny and depressed.

I started actively working the Super Engaged System in my own life. I started with small, personal targets. As I hit targets, I added bolder, more ambitious, life-changing targets. For example, I printed out an illustration of the Super Engaged system and taped a picture of my dream house in the center of the diagram. Just a few months later I am more energized, focused, motivated, and creative than I’ve ever been. Working the system has created rapid changes in every area of my life. In a matter of months:

  • The Super Engaged System says to craft an environment that supports your success. I went from a two-bedroom apartment under the worst neighbors in the world to enjoying a home that supports my family, my work, and my life. I have a great office, a “studio”, and the finished basement is perfect for workshops and hosting mastermind groups.
  • I rewrote the calendar containing my future. It’s now full of exciting opportunities to share the Super Engaged System with others.
  • Before the system, I barely completed articles. Applying the system, I have published a book, launched a website and blog, and created an audio program. I owe it all to using the Super Engaged Success System.

I’d love to share the Super Engaged Success System with you and your group.

Bounce around and look at the different pages on the site. Download a sample of the book Super Engaged. Let us know how we can help.

I’ve seen a lot of light bulbs turn on while speaking and training for the last twenty years. Nothing has been as powerful nor as easy to get started as the Super Engaged Success System. The system is informed by my certification as a Project Management Professional, an MBA in Personnel and Development, and years of management practice and consulting. I’ve helped people master pieces of the system for years. It’s never come together like it did when I developed the system based on what the Super-Engaged do naturally.

Some of the work has been very technical, but the work I’ve loved the most has helped people have Aha Moments about themselves. As a PMP, a certified Project Management Professional, I’ve delivered hundreds of classes like:

  • PMP Boot Camp
  • Basics of Project Management
  • Risk in Projects
  • Project Management Simulation
  • Earned Value in Projects
  • Quality in Projects
  • Contracts and Negotiating in Projects.
  • The Human Element of Project Management

Now, it’s time to share a system that has more potential than any other tool I’ve explored. Work with me on the Super Engaged System and I’ll guarantee you’ll have results.

We may already have met.  Click to enlarge.

We may already have met. Click to enlarge.